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I’m Darryl, a small local business guy—a former schoolteacher turned full-time table craftsman. My dream job has become my reality! When I’m not playing with my five kids or dating my wife, you can bet I’m in my workshop at the Common Table and loving it.

How does a schoolteacher end up in a commercial shop? The short answer is one tool at a time. The long answer has more to do with my family and hard work. What started out as a hobby has turned into a growing business.

It’s a blessing to provide for my family while using God’s gifts of creativity and design in each piece that passes through the shop. From inception to finish, I work to create the design you love with lasting quality. Designing and creating tables gives me an opportunity to bring Michigan beauty to your space.

familyAll of my tables are made from local Michigan hardwoods. Each piece is jointed together, ensuring superior quality and a smooth finish.Take a look at our albums online and check out what customers are saying. Choose from existing designs or we’ll work with you on a new design to personalize your space and style.

You’re always welcome to stop by the shop here in Grand Rapids; check out tables in progress and explore ideas for your home. Give me a call (616-558-0373) to set up a time to stop by.

Thanks for choosing the Common Table, your solution for solid Michigan tables.

Darryl Dedert